Fantasy and Romance Writer

Short Stories

While I’m writing, I get lots of ideas about small events or minor characters that just don’t fit into the books, so I thought I’d jot a few of them down as short stories and share them here.

Some of these stories fit in with the main timeline of events in the books, while others will be deviating from the novels. Each story will be labelled with the book it relates to, so you can avoid spoilers if you’re reading one of a series.

The House of Sirius

Wolf’s Blood

Doubts – Nicole, Dee’s sister, has some unanswered questions about Dee’s disappearance. (800 words)

An Unexpected Meeting – The story of how George joined the den (3000 words)

Wolf’s Cage

Humility – Kendrick gives Baron a lesson in responsibility (1700 words)

Wolf’s Choice

Not Always the Bad Guy – Silas and Raniesha meet for the first time. (1500 words, mature content)


Missing Pieces Series


The Family Line – Kentario ponders his family and his future. (1200 words)

Second Time Lucky – Planning a wedding can be so complicated. (2700 words)


The Gate of Chalandros Series

Wings of the Night

Just a Little Bit Awkward – Rodgard meets a new friend in Minia (4000 words)