Fantasy and Romance Writer

Until Dawn

A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

The end of the world is no place for the faint-hearted…

After five long years evading bands of slave traders in a post-apocalyptic wilderness, Dusk of the Two Swords has honed her survival skills and her prowess in battle. In a world where women are commodities and the roaming tribes are ruled by the most ruthless of men, Dusk has maintained her freedom by trusting no one and by being willing to slit the throats of those who stood in her way.

But it seems that Dusk has finally met her match. Captured and en route to a slave camp, she is desperate for a way to escape. But when hope seems nearly lost, a miracle occurs – she is freed by the rivals of the slavers; a band of fierce warriors led by a towering mountain of a man; Aidan the Ferocious.

Aidan offers Dusk a deal; become his wife and he will defend her from the lecherous advances of all other men. But even when the alternative is starving to death in the wilderness, only a fool would trust a man who promises safety and security while the blood from his latest victims has not even dried on his blade.


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