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The House of Sirius

A wolf shifter urban fantasy

Wolf’s Blood – Book One

Dee Carman considers herself to be quite ordinary, your average, run-of-the-mill office worker. But her quiet life is turned upside down when she’s kidnapped by the ruthless Noturatii and converted into a wolf shape shifter.

When a shadowy figure helps her escape from the lab, it seems she’s been given a second chance… until she’s kidnapped once again, this time by a pack of wolf shifters living in England’s north. The pack’s leaders try to help Dee adapt to her new abilities, but her animal side is the opposite of Dee in every way; wild, violent and unpredictable, and making peace with the fiery wolf seems an impossible task.

But as she struggles to come to terms with her new life, Dee finds herself caught up in an ancient war between the shifters and the Noturatii, a six-hundred-year-old conflict that threatens not just Dee’s newfound family, but the survival of their entire species.


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Wolf’s Cage – Book Two

Born into a life of violence and uncertainty, Caroline has fought tooth and nail to escape her destructive past, joining the den of wolf shape shifters in northern England and rising through the ranks to become alpha, the most powerful female on the estate.

But the ghosts of her past are not so easily laid to rest. After fifteen years apart, an old flame steps back into her life; Andre, an assassin for the Council, the ruling body of the shifter nation. The reunion stirs up long-buried desires in both of them that threaten to distract them from their duty.

As the shifters face new threats from the dark and mysterious Noturatii, who are hunting them to extinction, and growing opposition from a rival pack of shifters, Caroline and Andre are both forced to confront their own pasts and face some difficult questions about their pack’s future.


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Wolf’s Choice – Book Three

Skip would be the first to admit that she’s no warrior. After surviving a nightmarish childhood, she now fights the wolf-shifters’ war with the Noturatii from behind the scenes, using her formidable skills with technology to hack enemy databases and monitor communications, but never venturing onto the frontlines of the war.

But when Skip is kidnapped by the Noturatii, she must find a courage she didn’t know she possessed. Injured and without backup, she is faced with a daunting task: outwit her captors, endure the elements, and even defy her own Den in order to safeguard the shifters’ future as they continue their fight for survival in the Endless War.


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Wolf’s Guile – Book Four

Genna has never quite felt at home with the wolf shifters. The Grey Watch pack is run on cruelty and competition, a far cry from the dream of safety and family she imagined. Despite this, she clings to the idea of one day fitting in… but her fragile place amongst the wolves is under threat. In an impulsive mistake, Genna betrayed their rivals to the ruthless Noturatii, and her shameful secret has now been exposed.

Tank is a warrior from Il Trosa, the rival pack to the Grey Watch. Second in command to the alphas, he is committed to his duty to protect his adopted family. But he feels a deep sympathy for Genna, seeing the failings of her pack, and he knows that her mistakes are only a symptom of a far greater problem; Sempre, the twisted woman who controls the Grey Watch and who takes pleasure in inflicting pain and torment.

Genna’s actions have broken an ancient treaty, and justice demands that her transgressions be paid for with her life. But both she and Tank know that unless Sempre can be toppled from her throne, the future of the wolf shifters is in grave danger, with war imminent between Il Trosa and the Grey Watch. Together, they will have to use every ounce of cunning they can muster to convince the shifter council of Genna’s innocence, a deadly game in which truth and justice are not always the same thing.


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Wolf’s Lie – Book Five

Alistair is a master of spinning lies, using his position as a freelance journalist to safeguard the secrets of his wolf shifter family. With the Noturatii closing in on their peaceful estate, he must use every trick he knows to lead their enemies astray, making them see what isn’t there and miss what is right under their noses.

Li Khuli is a predator at the top of her game. Trained since she was a child to be a brutal and heartless assassin, she has now finally located the estate the shifters call home and is preparing for an assault that will wipe out the pack forever.

But when these two foes lock horns, no one could have anticipated the result. Confronted with a deceiver as skilled as himself, will Alistair be able to see through Li Khuli’s lies and protect his den? Or, after six hundred years of fighting for survival, will their war with the Noturatii finally claim the Lakes District pack?


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Wolf’s Gift – Book Six

Five years have passed since the events of Wolf’s Lie… 

For most of his adult life, Silas has been the protector of the wolf shifters’ pack. Detached, deadly and aloof, he avoids emotional entanglements and kills his enemies with precision. But now, even his formidable skills will be put to the test.

With the Endless War raging on, the Shifter Council makes a monumental decision; they are embarking on a mission to Canada, to find out whether or not an ancient and revered species of shifter still exists – a species that could be a powerful ally, or a terrifying enemy.

Heidi knows she has a knack for sticking her nose into trouble. As a seasoned journalist, not much scares her. She’s travelled through war zones, interviewed refugees and reported on natural disasters. But when she discovers a laboratory conducting twisted experiments, her courage fails for the first time in years. Terrified and on the run from the sinister Noturatii, she knows she’s fighting a losing battle… until a man appears from out of nowhere in the middle of the forest, rescuing her from her pursuers and hinting at a startling underworld operating beneath the fabric of society.

The last thing Silas wants to do is get caught up in Heidi’s problems. His pack is already facing enough threats to last a lifetime and they don’t need new complications. And the last thing Heidi wants to do is risk her life with this scowling stranger, when it’s clear he’s keeping far too many secrets from her.

But with both their futures on the line, these two most unlikely allies will be forced to work together… or see their hopes destroyed as the boundaries of the Endless War are rewritten in a way neither of them could have expected.


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Wolf’s Bane – Book Seven


For Joseph Baron, life has always been a struggle. From childhood poverty to a life of violence as a member of a gang, he was never given any reason to hope for a brighter future. That is, until he met Kendrick, the leader of a pack of wolf shifters. Kendrick convinces Baron to join the wolves, but along with salvation from his past, Baron is also given a sacred duty; to protect his eclectic new family from the Noturatii, the enemy who is relentlessly trying to wipe out their entire species.


Converted into a wolf shifter as a child and raised as a captive in a Noturatii lab, John’s life was a daily battle for survival. That is, until he met Baron. Now, his single purpose in life is to ensure that he’s never separated from the man he loves. But the Noturatii’s reach is long and insidious, and walking away from the trauma they inflicted is no easy task.


With a new crisis causing upheaval in their pack and the constant pressures of the war, all Baron really wants is to retire as alpha and enjoy the years he has left with John at his side. But as the wolf shifters put plans into motion to end the war with the Noturatii once and for all, their enemies reveal a secret weapon, one that has the power to bring down the most carefully laid plans, and which unwittingly activates an ancient prophecy. One final battle must now play out, with factions from every corner of the globe, and with consequences that will echo for decades to come.


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