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The Elements Series

A gay sci-fi omegaverse romance


Hurricane – Book One 

Lieutenant Azure Lynwood has worked hard to earn his place in the Space Corps, overcoming centuries of bias and discrimination against omegas. Travelling across the solar system and exploring new worlds comes with its share of complications, but Azure has proven himself a worthy member of his team, and he’s ready for anything the solar system can throw at him.

Or, at least, he thinks so, until a supposedly routine mission goes awry. An inspection of a remote outpost on Titan turns into a murder investigation, then a blizzard traps Azure and his crew inside the base, cut off from any contact with civilisation, and finally, without access to his supply of hormonal suppressants, Azure realises he has only a couple of hours until he goes into heat.

But just when Azure thinks his situation can’t get any worse, he finds out one last, staggering piece of news. Major Tor Savan, his commanding officer and one of the most respected men in the Space Corps, is an alpha.

Refusing to be mated means enduring twelve hours of the worst pain imaginable. But allowing Tor to mate him is unthinkable. Alphas in rut are notoriously violent and aggressive, and if anyone ever found out about the illicit encounter, Azure’s career would be over. Can he really trust Tor’s assurances that he has both the skills and the discretion to see Azure through his heat unharmed?


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The Elements

Deluge – Book Two

Major Tor Savan has built his career on one fundamental principle – protect planet Earth, whatever the personal cost. To a certain degree, he’s succeeded, warning Earth about a deadly missile strike from Mars and then being injured as his own ship fought in the battle.

But as the dust settles after the attack, Tor learns that a new crisis is threatening the planet. As a result of the missile strike, the laboratories that manufacture omegas’ hormonal suppressants have been destroyed, which means that every single omega on Earth will soon be forced to go through a heat.

Tor is unwilling to abandon his fellow soldiers to twelve hours of agony. But fortunately, he has a level of knowledge about the heats that few alphas could match. With the powers-that-be turning their backs on omegas, Tor puts together a plan to help them through their heats – a plan so risky and unlawful it could not only end his career, but also destroy the reputations of every single person involved.

But only a fool expects such daring plans to go smoothly, and when Azure, Tor’s omega lover, gets dragged into the middle of the storm, Tor finds himself having to re-evaluate every social custom and moral value he believes in.

Note: It is recommended to read Hurricane (The Elements Book 1) before reading Deluge.


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Lava – Book Three

After years of serving Earth in the Space Corps, Lieutenant Azure Lynwood only really wants one thing; to be able to publicly acknowledge his alpha lover, Major Tor Savan, and to begin building a life together.

But centuries of tradition and ingrained social biases are not so easily swept aside, and when Space Corps brass finds out about their affair, Tor is swiftly arrested.

Thankfully, help is on the way. Tor assures Azure that he’s friends with a brilliant lawyer who specialises in alpha and omega cases. The news is heartening… until Azure finds out that Tor’s flashy new lawyer is none other than Ethan McCallum, the omega who first taught Tor how to go through a heat, all those years ago.

But Ethan has an agenda all his own. Though brilliant, he’s also manipulative, underhanded, and doggedly determined to get his own way as he stirs the pot of social unrest and attempts to rewrite the injustices of history.

And so, as tensions heat and centuries of social customs are called into question, Azure will have to make a choice: team up with his arch nemesis or wave goodbye to his and Tor’s happily ever after.

Note: It is recommended to read Hurricane and Deluge (The Elements Books 1 & 2) before Lava.


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