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Missing Pieces Series

A gay omegaverse soulmates romance

Collision – Book One

Crown Prince Ryu has been trained since childhood for the role of king, instilled with the responsibilities of ruling and the traditions of generations of his forefathers. Honour dictates that he must marry his soulmate – the one person in the world with a soul mark that is an exact match to his own – and it’s almost certain that his match will be a noble omega woman. There’s just one problem; Ryu is already in love with someone else.

Kentario Amagarda is Ryu’s bodyguard, the eldest son of a revered noble family, and an alpha, like himself. And as such, he is an entirely unsuitable match for the young prince. Not only that, but growing unrest as the civilian population pushes for democracy and a civil war threatening Galandeen’s southern border mean this is the worst possible time for Ryu to be breaking tradition to marry the man he loves.

But as a web of lies and deceit within the palace begins to unravel, Kentario is all that stands between Ryu and the multitude of threats closing in from all sides. And as the future of the entire nation is put at risk, Ryu faces an impossible choice; his country or his heart.


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Confusion – Book Two

Valentin Izarius’s neat and organised world is about to be thrown into chaos. For the past five years, he’s waited patiently to find out who his soulmate is, the one person in the world with a soul mark that is an exact match to his own. But when the long-awaited news finally arrives, he’s both shocked and baffled to find out that he has not one, but two soulmates… and one of them is none other than His Majesty King Ryu!

Navigating the complex codes of honour and protocol that dictate the lives of royalty is an enormous challenge, but a far greater problem for Valentin is Ryu’s first husband, Prince Kentario Amagarda. Kentario sees Valentin as nothing more than an unwelcome nuisance interrupting his otherwise happy marriage, his cold demeanour and harsh manners firmly pushing Valentin away.

But to simply give up means Valentin must abandon his dreams of his own happy marriage, resigning himself to a life of solitude and loneliness. Surely there must be a way to convince Kentario that turning their twosome into a threesome would be a benefit to them all.


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Conundrum – Book Three

Toby Glin’s life has been a struggle right from the start. Abandoned as a baby, he’s grown up in poverty, fighting for every scrap of comfort and battling his own feelings of inadequacy. So when he lands a job as a busboy at a charming café, he believes his fortunes may finally have begun to shift. But then he finds out that the café is owned by none other than Prince Valentin Izarius, the second husband of His Majesty King Ryu.

Valentin is nothing like what he expected of a prince. His warm smile and welcoming demeanour draw Toby in, making him feel safe and valued in a way he never has before. But falling in love with his boss is a recipe for disaster. Valentin already has not one, but two soulmates, meaning there’s not even a sliver of hope that he’d be a match for Toby’s soul mark.

But Toby doesn’t realise that Valentin knows a secret. From the very first moment they meet, Valentin recognises the soul mark on Toby’s wrist as a match to his own. And Toby is an omega – the perfect antidote to the rising tensions that govern the relationship between three headstrong alphas.

Winning Toby’s trust seems an impossible task, despite Valentin and his husbands’ best efforts to make him feel welcome. Can they convince Toby to let his defences down and give them a chance to prove their love? Or will this final piece of their happy family slip through their fingers forever?


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