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Stacking the Odds – A Contemporary MM Romance

Lachlan Donahue’s life of luxury has just collapsed in a spectacular heap. His software company is failing, his father has had a stroke, and his father’s construction company is in deep trouble over a failed construction project. His past mistakes are finally catching up with him, and karma has apparently decided that enough is enough. If he wants to regain his good fortune, Lachlan realises he’s going to have to do some platinum-quality good deeds to tip the cosmic scales back in his favour.

Alex Harris sees little in life to celebrate. Forced to turn to prostitution to keep a roof over his head, all he wants is a way out of the dark and painful trench that his life has become. But too many people have let him down far too many times, and Alex has no time for knights in shining armour who spout noble ideals and then walk away when the going gets tough.

So when a chance encounter brings these two men together, neither of them quite knows what to make of the other. Lachlan sees in Alex a chance to redeem himself… but how can he relate to a man whose life has been the opposite of his own in every way? And all Alex sees in Lachlan is yet another arrogant hypocrite who will let him down when it matters most.

Except that Lachlan isn’t walking away. In fact, he’s started keeping his promises instead. And as the handsome businessman nudges his way further into Alex’s life, it becomes clear that it’s not just money that’s on the line as they fight to repair both their lives; it’s their hearts as well.


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The Arrangement – An MM Omegaverse Romance

All Oliver Levy wants is a normal life – family, career, and the freedom to make his own decisions. But as one of the world’s few remaining omegas, that goal has always been an uphill battle, having to constantly prove his worth and fight for every scrap of his freedom.

So when Oliver receives a devastating medical diagnosis, his worst nightmare becomes a reality. His hormonal cycle is out of control, and during his next heat, he must either hand himself over to an alpha to be mated, or risk dying as his entire body goes into overdrive.

Jet Wilder is living the dream. As a test pilot for the latest space technology, his job packs in plenty of thrills for the adrenaline-seeking alpha, rounded out with lazy surfing weekends and sky-diving trips with his friends. So when his boss asks him to assist an uptight omega with an out-of-control heat cycle, he’s less than thrilled about the interruption to his carefree life.

From the moment the pair of them meet, Oliver and Jet argue like cats and dogs. But as they get to know each other, the walls between them begin to break down, and Oliver slowly finds that he’s beginning to look forward to their three-monthly meetings…


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