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The Gate of Chalandros

A Paranormal Romance

Whisky and Lace – Book One

The Gate of Chalandros is a mystical portal connecting the human world to the demon one. No one knows when or how it came into existence…

Nalyx is a warrior who has dedicated his life to defending the human world from the swarms of demons attempting to cross the Gate of Chalandros, taking great pride in slaughtering any intruder he encounters. As a member of a fearsome army, he spends twenty-three out of every forty-six days in battle, risking life and limb to hold back the demons. And then, when the gate closes, twenty-three days living a life of luxury, enjoying wine, women and song as the city of Minia celebrates its success in defending the gate for one more cycle. But when a serious injury puts Nalyx’s future career as a soldier at risk, he finds himself adrift, feeling lost and vulnerable for the first time in years.

Gantalla is a hadathmet, a green-skinned ‘demon’, or so the humans believe. But her homeworld of Chalandros is dying, shattering her hopes for a peaceful life, and so she is left with no choice but to brave the gate and the army of humans waiting on the other side to slaughter any who dare to cross.

Against all odds, Gantalla survives the crossing. Now disguised as a human, she knows she must get as far from the gate as possible, to avoid any further risk from the army of warriors who inhabit the city. But the humans’ customs make little sense to Gantalla, and after a series of missteps as she attempts to navigate the city, she finds herself inadvertently nursing a warrior who was badly wounded in the latest battle – a man who is equal parts confounding and charming. A man by the name of Nalyx.


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Wings of the Night – Book Two

The Gate of Chalandros is a mystical portal connecting the human world to the demon one. No one knows when or how it came into existence…

As a proud soldier of the salases, a black-skinned, horned species of warriors, Koradan has dedicated his life to serving the King of Chalandros. But heat, drought and famine are tearing his world apart, and so Koradan and a small company of his men are forced to cross the Gate of Chalandros into the human world. They mean to settle peacefully in the mountains, away from human civilisation, but when one of their dragon mounts is badly wounded, they are forced to make an emergency landing in a small, isolated village.

Lynette moved to the quiet mountainside village of Varismont ten years ago, after the death of her husband, to raise her only son in peace. But her tranquil life is shattered when a group of demons and their dragons land in the village in the dead of the night. Fearing for their lives, the villagers are forced to broker a deal with the demons – a deal in which Lynette, as the village’s only nurse, is expected to treat their wounded dragon and in doing so, get up close and personal with Koradan, the demons’ leader.

The longer Koradan and his men spend in the village, the more Lynette is forced to reconsider her views on the so-called ‘demons’ who are attempting to cross the mystical Gate. But Koradan wants far more than just a few medical supplies for the dragon. He speaks of negotiating peace between humans and demons – an idea that Lynette finds ludicrous. After all, everyone knows that demons are evil, and therefore not to be trusted…


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Inferno – Book Three

Follows the story of Nerik and Yorin. Coming soon.