Fantasy and Romance Writer

Sci-fi Gay Romance

The Elements Series

Join Major Tor Savan and Lieutenant Azure Lynwood in a sexy sci-fi adventure that begins on the icy moon of Titan.

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Wolf-Shifter Urban Fantasy

The House of Sirius

Dee Carman considers herself to be perfectly ordinary, your average, run-of-the-mill office worker… until the day she’s kidnapped and forcefully converted into a wolf shape shifter.

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Gay Omegaverse Soulmates Romance

Missing Pieces Series

Crown Prince Ryu Galandia is due to meet his soulmate any day now. The only problem is that he’s already in love with someone else; his gorgeous, brooding bodyguard.

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Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Until Dawn

After five years surviving in the Australian wilderness, Dusk of the Two Swords has been captured by a band of slave traders.

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Omegaverse Romance – MM and MF 

Lost and Found Series

Life as an omega slave in the 1800s was never going to be easy.

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Gay Romance Stand-alone Novels

A collection of steamy stand-alone romances.

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Paranormal Romance – MM and MF 

The Gate of Chalandros Series

The mystical Gate connects the demon world to the human one…

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