Fantasy and Romance Writer

About Laura Taylor

Hi everyone. I’m a writer (obviously) of mainly fantasy and romance novels, though occassionally I’ll throw in a some romatic fantasy, or some fantasy romance… and one of my books is even a post-apolcalyptic adventure. Basically, I write what the voices in my head tell me to write, then worry about figuring out which genre it fits into later.

I live on the Far South Coast of NSW, Australia, on a small hobby farm. It’s an ideal setting for writing – plenty of peace and quiet, serenaded by constant birdsong, and kept company by a very sociable cat who always wants attention.

When I’m not writing, I can generally be found tending the veggies in the garden, cooking up a storm in the kitchen (and making an enormous mess in the process) or chasing the cat around the house to get the dead mouse out of her mouth.

This is me in Canada, meeting some real wolves in person. surprised