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15 December 2023: Inferno (The Gate of Chalandros Book 3) is out now! You can buy a copy here.

I’ve also completed a short gay romance about Rodgard, one of the salas warriors from Book 2: Wings of the Night. You can read it here. (Warning: Contains spoilers for Wings of the Night.)

Latest Release

Inferno (The Gate of Chalandros Book 3) is out on 15 December 2023. You can purchase it here.


The Gate of Chalandros is a mystical portal connecting the human world to the demon one. No one knows when or how it came into existence…

It has been four years since Nerik crossed the Gate of Chalandros into the human world. Four years since he evaded the army of warriors waiting to slaughter him on sight and slipped away into the darkness. Somehow, he’s managed to make a life for himself living alongside humans. But he’s never able to let his guard down, never able to take his place here for granted. Because beneath his human disguise, Nerik is a fire demon, an infernal; a creature that the humans consider to be pure evil.

Yorin has lived in Minia his whole life, making a humble living as a tailor. But quiet days and lonely nights are wearing on him. He longs to give in to his feelings for Nerik, nurtured in private over long years while the pair of them have remained nothing more than acquaintances. But could he really risk his reputation by dating another man? Could he ever find the courage to declare his feelings publicly?

Nerik realises he’s taking an enormous risk in attempting to woo Yorin. The human is a distraction from his duties to the other Chalandrians, with refugees in their thousands still seeking a way across the dreaded Gate. But there has to be more to life than running illicit messages and escorting fugitives to safe-houses. Yorin is the one bright spot in Nerik’s life, something worth taking risks for. But how is he to win Yorin’s heart when he can’t even tell him who he really is?

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