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15/5/22: Rescue for a Rebel (Lost and Found Book 3) is scheduled for release on 15 July 2022. You can pre-order it here.

Get a sneak peak at chapter one here.

Anticipated release of Wolf’s Bane (House of Sirius Book 7) will be October 2022. You can pre-order it here.

26/2/22: The Runaway is out now!  (Lost and Found book 2) You can buy it here.

Latest Release

The Runaway (Lost and Found Book 2) is out now! You can buy it here.


Can two tormented souls help each other heal from the wounds of the past?

Omegas in the 1800’s are not people; they are property. So when Connor runs away from a cruel and brutal master, he expects a short life of hunger and desperation, followed by a painful death. What he finds instead is refuge on the Calvet estate, and an alpha who seems as tired and broken as Connor himself.

After his discharge from the French army, Sergent Gabriel Calvet is a man adrift. Tormented by the horrors of war and unable to reconcile his own actions with his ideals, he retreats to a quiet estate in the country to attempt to find peace. But even amid the rolling hills and melodious birdsong, his nightmares continue to haunt him, and it seems less and less likely that he’ll ever manage to escape his past.

Connor doesn’t know what to make of Gabriel. He’s never met an alpha like him, who speaks kind words and who listens to Connor like he’s a real person, instead of an object to be used and then tossed aside.

Gabriel is equally confounded by this outspoken runaway, a slave who dares to have opinions of his own and who challenges everything Gabriel ever believed about omegas.

With tensions rising over omegas’ rights and a growing backlash against the repercussions of the war, Gabriel and Connor find themselves at odds with everything society expects them to be. In a world of such turmoil, will either of them ever find a place they can truly call home?

Caution: This book contains themes of slavery, graphic violence and descriptions of rape that may be disturbing for some readers.

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